Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin C

Technology influences various fields everyday leading to new innovations and improvements. Medicine and medical treatments are two of the major fields, which have been creating new solutions for human beings using scientific methods and various resources.

Liposomal Encapsulation Technology or LET which is used by LivOn Labs is one of the latest methods used to transport drugs to various organs in the human body effectively as required. Though this method has been in existence since the early 70s, researchers have implemented it very recently. Due to its effectiveness, companies that make beauty and moisturizing products have started to utilize it.


Advantages of LET

Liposome encapsulated vitaminc is being used by many nutritional companies in their health products due to its effectiveness and efficiency. Companies are using it in oral supplements and dietary substitutes.

LET enables power packed nutrients and decomposed natural compounds to reach specific tissues and parts of the body. Though the doses of liposome encapsulated vitamin C supplements are 5 to 15 times lower than ordinary supplements, they are many times more efficient.

Liposome encapsulated Vitamin C — A Safe Alternative to Harmful Cancer Treatments

Liposome encapsulated vitamin C is a good alternative to treat cancer. Previously, cancer therapies used oral vitamin C doses whereas, research shows that intravenous administration of vitamin C doses, especially liposome encapsulated vitamin C doses, have greater potential.

In such doses, the vitamin is condensed into tiny microscopic bubbles called liposomes, which can easily be slipped through the GI tract. This method makes the small intestines absorb the nutrient easily and transport it to the lymphatic system. The liver absorbs the vitamin and releases it into the blood stream, thus circulating it in the entire body.

90009-21Liposome encapsulated Vitamin C Therapy

The liposomes used in the LET consist of essential phospholipids, which are recognized by the body and sent to the liver with vitamin C. Phospholipids are protective membranes that shield the cells.

These compounds are essential for healthy body growth. LET represents a dramatic breakthrough in the way medicine is delivered to the body. Though the normal modes of delivery such as tablets, capsules and powders are still used to treat diseases, LET ensures stable levels of the medicine throughout the day.

Man and many animals cannot produce vitamin C on their own. Yet, there are animals, especially a few mammals, which secrete the vitamin in their kidneys and livers. Vitamin C is an excellent oxidant that can neutralize free radicals. For those who require a moderate dosage of the vitamin, oral doses are recommended.

Those who require high doses can have it delivered intravenously so that the blood can absorb the nutrient instantly. When you consume the vitamin orally, you ingest only 10% to 15% of it because the rate of absorption slows down or is completely blocked in the digestive tract. LET enables transfer of vitamin C into the cells even quicker.

Benefits of Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C

Other than boosting immunity and building up healthy cell walls, liposomal encapsulated vitamin C is very beneficial in fighting radiation damage. The white blood cells in our body require a steady supply of the vitamin to protect us and save us from contacting various diseases.

LET can also be termed as a wide range health tool to assist people of different ages and health stages. Cases of Dementia, chronic fatigue, allergies, fragile varicose veins and internal bleeding have been cured using liposome encapsulated vitamin C.

Side Effects of LET

Though there have been reports of beneficial effects of LET, there have been no cases of side effects. However, there is a slight possibility of gastric distress and the frequent urge to urinate, but they have not yet been proven.

Take the recommended dose of liposome encapsulated vitaminc daily to stay fit and free from harmful radicals. You can choose from a couple of reputed brands available in the market. The vitamin comes in liquid form. You can even buy it over the Internet from online supplement stores.